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How to find the best Montessori school in Dubai?

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May 25, 2021
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Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that houses people from different parts of the world. It has a great education system in place and has a myriad of choices of schools that promise education for its international students.

However, searching for a good Montessori school in Dubai can be very intimidating for most parents. After all, you want to find the best kindergarten program for your child, and you also need to make sure that the school provides the right environment for your child’s needs. There are a dozen questions that need answers and there is the monetary aspect to look at as it could burn a big hole in your pockets considering the school fee Dubai international schools charge.

Finding the right Montessori school can be a complex task at hand indeed. Therefore it is a great idea to explore a few schools before you decide on the right one. But even before you begin the task of finding a prospective Montessori school for your child, you might want to decide what kind of surroundings your child would need.

Key points to ponder over when you are looking for Montessori schools


1. The most important part of any school is the safety aspect and the first thing to look for is how safe and secure the surroundings are.

2. Warm, friendly, and highly qualified teachers who are transparent with their teaching methods and who believe in nurturing every child equally, irrespective of the child’s race, caste, or color.

3. A school that believes in all-around development and adapts to a holistic way of educating their children.

4. A program that helps the child to build a strong foundation for herself so that she has a smooth transition to a higher class

5. Activities that help children gain self-confidence and a platform that encourages children to nurture their interests.

These can be some basic criteria you can keep in mind when you are finding a Montessori school for your child

What is the Montessori Method? 

The Montessori concept is more inclined towards a hands-on learning approach and the activities that children learn are more self-directed. There are many different educating materials inside the classroom that encourage a child to explore and understand the concept by self-initiation. The Montessori method was first adapted by Maria Montessori in 1929 and this method aims at teaching children different concepts by using different colorful materials inside the classroom.

Why is Montessori a good option for most children?

The Montessori Method helps the child to form lasting abilities that help in self-direction and self-confidence. Most schools adopt the Montessori method to teach their children during their early years as it forms a solid foundation that can be useful for the rest of their lives.

One of the best Montessori schools in Dubai that has a great program is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). GIIS is an established school that offers an award-winning program and also has a world-class campus. It educates children from Pre Primary, K1, and K2, Grades 1-10, and adopts a holistic approach to education.


Why is GIIS a good choice for your child?

GIIS Montessori curriculum is designed for young children by using a new-age learning environment that helps in holistic child development.

The award-winning Global Montessori Program is offered by Global Indian International School aims at boosting the self-confidence of children by using innovative learning tools and this, in turn, gives them a solid foundation for their higher classes.

The program is built based on the solid 5 Pillars of GMP (Global Montessori program) 

Excelerate Program: This program concentrates on literacy, numeracy, and language fluency and it gives your child a great platform to accelerate the process of learning through their innovative methods.

Multi-Faceted Learning: Here, the child’s innate talents are recognized and the child is encouraged and her skills are further molded for excellence. Children are also allowed to showcase these talents.

iPlay program: GIIS understands the importance of play and the iPlay program concentrates on helping build children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

iCare Program: This helps build a sense of awareness for children about their surroundings and their environment by helping them participate in green initiatives. It also emphasizes the act of charity and social interaction.

Future Ready Program: Since the whole school adapts to a tech-savvy environment, the little children too are taught by using next-generation learning styles.

GIIS also caters to children with special needs by providing additional assistance. GIIS provides inclusive education and all children with special needs are treated at par with their class.

GIIS Campus: GIIS’s Campus is powered by the latest safety technologies and that gives complete assurance towards your child’s safety. Their world-class campus offers SMART learning facilities to help students be at par with the world technology

GIIS’s unique Montessori Curriculum: The GMP program is designed in such a way that each child is trained and given an opportunity to build a strong base for themselves and this helps in a smooth transition to the primary class.

GIIS’s Bridge Program: GIIS’s Flexible Bridge program is very convenient when children from other countries move to Dubai in the middle of a school term. With the help of the Bridge program, children can join GIIS in the middle of the term and they are assisted to catch up with their class academically.

GIIS’s School fee, Dubai: GIIS believes in imparting knowledge to its children by charging moderate fees and also has different international scholarship options for deserving children depending on their gross family income

Considering all the great features GIIS’s GMP Program offers for those looking to admit their children into a Montessori school, it seems like one of the best choices for your child. And the fact that they use a transparent approach to communicate with parents of students tells a lot about the disposition of the school.

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