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Get to know the IBDP curriculum better

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Jun 21, 2021

When a child finishes secondary school, there are various choices available for higher studies. Parents look forward to calibrating the choice of college or curriculum as per the child’s interests. But it’s never easy to choose the right curriculum for a majority of the students. They look at a standard progression of State board followed by HSC and then a graduate program. 

But increasingly, parents want a more holistic approach to the formative years of 16 to 19 when the students have just completed their secondary school. They know that this is the phase that will decide their career choices in the future and hence impact their whole life. 

The IBDP curriculum opens the door to various opportunities with smooth transition from school to college.

What is the IBDP curriculum?

You may have seen many top schools in Dubai offer this curriculum. Naturally, there may be several questions floating in your mind about this IBDP. This post will try to answer some of the crucial queries around this diploma program on offer. Its full form is The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs. It is a 2-year diploma program targeting 16 to 19 year old students who have completed their secondary school education. The curriculum entails a broad array of disciplines. 

Many schools in Dubai take cognizance of the immense student development potential offered by this type of curriculum, and hence they embrace this diploma program into their academic and learning system. 

Students who take up the IBDP tend to branch out to international academics and gain an empathic understanding of the multi-cultural facets of different geographies. Such inquisitive and knowledgeable traits make IBDP students flourish intellectually, emotionally, socially, and academically.

Students are expected to learn six major subjects and can customize these as per their interest.

A broad breakup of the six subjects offered by IBDP affiliated institutions include


● Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature.

● Group 2: Language Acquisition.

● Group 3: Individuals and Societies.

● Group 4: Experimental Sciences.

● Group 5: Mathematics.

● Group 6: The Arts.

● Theory of Knowledge

● Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

● Extended Essay (EE)


Students in IBDP get ample opportunity to study these subjects in-depth and apply local and community outreach knowledge. They take advantage of the international curriculum, emphasis on research and collaboration, and unique studying methodologies applied by IBDP in order to harness the formative years of 11th and 12th  

Many students utilize this diploma program to fulfil their aspirations for education at prestigious universities globally. Even in Dubai, many top-rated universities are happy to enrol IBDP diploma holders for graduate programs offered by them. 

Benefits of IBDP

The well-rounded curriculum of the IB diploma program makes it a hot favourite amongst prestigious universities across the globe. This is explained by the various benefits of the program listed as below:-


1. IBDP students have a high acceptance rate at respected universities offering higher education and graduation programs. As compared to students from other curriculum or boards, IB students are preferred by international academic institutions.

2. The international emphasis ensures that students are exposed to interdisciplinary teaching methods unique to the IB curriculum 

3. Many students who have passed out of top-rated Dubai schools with the IB Diploma  are more likely to secure scholarship programs to pursue further studies.   

4. Even the teachers of the IB board are better qualified and better trained than other boards. The in-depth training provided to IB teachers augurs well for the overall development of the IB student. 

5. The IB board is a step ahead in developing students into global citizens who have the power to think logically about any problem life throws at them. This is why parents prefer getting admissions to IB board schools for their children.  

6. Since compassion and empathy are driving factors in IBDP educational progress, the students passing out of this program tend to become principled and disciplined people who respect a sense of fairness when interacting with other people or among themselves. 


Why is IBDP a great choice?

The comprehensive approach and dynamic versatility of the IBDP program are well-known. The students get a unique training and learning methodology through the six theoretical subjects, the Community, Action, and Service (CAS) approach, and the Extended Essay part.

A key objective of the IB curriculum is to expose the students to a multicultural environment and international social dynamics. The interesting aspect of IBDP is that it is continuously evolving to keep pace with the tectonic shifts happening in our world in the domain of arts, science, culture, and technology. 

So while other curriculums may emphasize on content within the program, with IBDP, it is slightly different. IB diploma programs are driven primarily by assimilation and understanding of skills and concepts. While traditional education systems encourage the rote-based approach of education, IB differs in this aspect. It encourages understanding the concept and applying the knowledge in a broader social domain. 

Students are encouraged to take up socially relevant projects under Community, Action, and Service (CAS). This phase of the diploma program helps the students to be exposed to the dynamics and requirements of the different areas of the society. This exposure at 17 years of age helps the student to emerge as emphatic and compassionate global citizens. 

One example is how students can collaborate with NGOs that work towards social causes like improving the health sector or teaching primary grade subjects to students from the poorer or backward sections of society. 

Success stories in the CAS initiative have seen a profound impact on the socio-economic development and upliftment of the marginalized section of the society. Students also do extensive research work as a part of the IB curriculum. The educational characteristic is rounded off finally by the Extended Essay (EE) that tests the understanding of the students chosen subject in greater depth. 


It is evident that students who want to remain relevant to the demands of the future will look at a futuristic education. This explains why they choose the IBDP curriculum over other approaches.

Every child is different, meaning similar teaching methods may not necessarily prove beneficial for everyone. But the IBDP system ensures every child receives an environment to grow and become proactive on a global level. 

As a parent, you can explore IBDP programs offered by top Dubai schools and fast track your child’s growth in developing skills in interpersonal communications and higher order critical thinking. Connect with Global Indian International School (GIIS), a trusted school in Dubai that offers the IBDP program to the children and prepares them to face the demands of the future. 

GIIS Author

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