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CBSE invites ideas from teachers and students to improve education

Rupali Karekar
Dec 22, 2020

Quality education is essential for the well-being of general society. When students receive the best education, they acquire knowledge, values, skills, and moral habits that improve their personal lives and prepare them for the future. However, quality education may not come easily with the education system facing numerous problems and issues. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) seeks to address local challenges faced by the education sector through innovative methods. To achieve this, CBSE aims to incorporate ideas from teachers and students to find ways of improving the quality of education.

Today, many nations are facing social and economic crises. As the idea of what comprises ‘education’ is changing rapidly, CBSE is well aware of the uncertainty facing the education sector. The world is transitioning with new technology, new ideas and discoveries every day. There is no telling how things will turn out in a few years to come. Students need to be taught holistically to prepare them for the ever-changing world. Improving the quality of education is the best way to keep students and teachers abreast with changing times and needs.

This explains the reasons why CBSE schools in Dubai follow a holistic curriculum that perfectly balances academic and co-curricular activities to benefit the students. The CBSE pedagogy offers a skill-based learning environment that nurtures students to be critical thinkers and confident in their approach to the problems. It ensures that students are adequately educated and well prepared to meet the current challenges locally and globally.

Advantages of the CBSE curriculum

The CBSE curriculum is one of the best choices for secondary education. In Dubai, CBSE schools take care of all the educational needs of students. The curriculum is not only easy for students to adapt, but it also provides holistic learning that spurs both academic and non-academic excellence among students.

Currently, the CBSE curriculum benefits students in the following ways:

● It provides rigorous learning activities that mould students to be critical thinkers. This helps students to excel in their areas of interest.

● It instils the universal values of ethics, discipline, respect and kindness, thus helping students to grow up as morally upright individuals.

● Since it emphasizes a combination of extra-curricular activities with vocational skills, students receive an all-round education.

● The programme instils learning in students and propels them to perform well in technical fields like Technology and Medicine.

● It uses standardized textbooks and a set of courses that sharpens the students’ mind and prepares them for major secondary school examinations.

The CBSE contest

Through this contest, CBSE invites teachers and students to present ideas and best practices that can be implemented to ensure improved education quality. According to the competition, the best ideas are the creative and innovative practices that will help address the persistent and emerging challenges in the field of education. The contest aims to bring together the best practices to upgrade the quality of education in secondary schools.

The specific category of teachers and students who qualify for the contest include those of classes 11 and 12. All the affiliated schools are required to submit their entries, which will be subject to review by a committee formed by the chairperson of the board. The committee will choose only the top three entries from the entire list. Prices will be awarded as follows-

● First price- Rs 10,000

● Second price- Rs 7,000

● Third price- Rs 5,000

The best three slots will qualify to participate in the next level of the contest. Selection will be based on the authenticity and relevance of the problem to the quality of education. Other aspects that the committee will examine include originality and innovativeness of the ideas, their effectiveness in bringing the desired outcome as well as how flexible it will be to adapt the ideas. The committee will award a total of 20 marks for the entire project.

Ideas for the entries should focus on the following key areas of interest

These areas of interest are central to the challenges faced by the education sector these days.

1. Use of technology to ensure proper management of public examination and prevention of exam misconducts. Such state-of-the-art technology should ensure efficiency and confidentiality in management, along with conduct and record-keeping of examination materials.

2. To incorporate vocational skills in the school curriculum.

3. Evaluation of students in co-curricular activities as stipulated by the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system.

4. Development of basic life skills like analytical and critical thinking. This is essential in providing ways that can help students develop skills for coping with future challenges.

5. Instilling values and knowledge in students. This will ensure that students are nurtured in a way that will help them become responsible citizens.

6. Use of digital or information technology to improve the quality of learning.

7. Upgrading the school infrastructure through the inclusion of relevant corporate, national, and international organizations.

8. Creative ideas to uplift the quality of infrastructure in learning institutions. This includes classrooms, water facilities, and sanitation.

9. Community involvement in solving issues such as scarcity of trained and qualified teachers.


Why You Should Participate in the Contest

The CBSE aims to ensure that the interests of students and teachers are taken into consideration in its pedagogy. It seeks to ensure that the best education practices are implemented in Singapore international school to facilitate a quality learning environment for both teachers and students.

Participating in such a contest will allow both teachers and students to share their creative approaches to teaching and learning. The contest encourages all the parties involved to come up with the best technology, teaching aids, and learning materials that will upgrade the quality of education in schools.

The contest is timely when most learning is taking place online due to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants will have a chance to reflect and share their ideas on how to stay responsible and safe on the internet while learning.

CBSE schools in Dubai endeavour to provide an up-to-date teaching curriculum and learning environment that fosters quality education. Teachers and students are the first parties to be directly affected by an education system. Their input will ensure that the most relevant ideas are prioritized in developing a suitable approach to education.

Since students and teachers are always the first to suffer from any challenges that derail the education system, it makes sense for them to bring forth their ideas. This will ensure their educational interests are well taken care of. The participants will come up with real-time solutions that can help to uplift the face to the education sector.

As a student or a teacher, it is wise to participate in this contest. Think critically about all the challenges and issues that prevent holistic learning. Come up with innovative ideas that can provide solutions to the problems facing the education system each day.

With all these ideas, schools will benefit from a touch of world-class approach to learning. Participants will be able to come up with the best opportunities and innovative ideas for excellent facilities that enhance learning. Schools will understand and seek support to get the resources needed to build platforms that allow students to showcase their abilities and knowledge. The invented technologies will make learning easier by facilitating interactions and communications regardless of the distance. It is a contest worth your participation.  

Rupali Karekar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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