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Benefits of Learning Entrepreneurial Skills in High School

Mr. Antony Koshy
Jan 6, 2023
Skills in High School

As new problems arise and the world becomes more globalized, entrepreneurship education has become more important than ever.

Students are required to develop the abilities of an entrepreneur in order to solve complex problems creatively, and gracefully traverse uncertainty.

Students in middle and high school can benefit from an entrepreneurship-focused education as it would help in the development of important life skills that will serve them well beyond the walls of the school.

While not everyone requires entrepreneurial skills, self-empowerment and entrepreneurship for students are extremely crucial today as it makes young children more efficient and capable.

GIIS, an Indian high school in Dubai, understands that teaching entrepreneurship is not just about developing an entrepreneurial perspective among students, but also about developing the skills, knowledge, and habits that will benefit them in any career they choose.

This is hands-on learning that can help students succeed in the long run.

Learning entrepreneurial skills at an early age will help students in developing their leadership skills, embracing their competitive side, and learning to take more risks.

Being one of the best private schools in Dubai, Global Indian International School (GIIS) focuses on teaching entrepreneurial skills in high school so as to meet the needs of today’s society and to thrive in this quickly changing modern world.

The school’s curriculum aims to prepare students to deal effectively with a variety of scenarios.

The below pointers will help you understand the pros and cons of gaining entrepreneurial skills in high school.


● Business knowledge at an early age.

● Entrepreneurial skills are relevant in every field.

● Better future prospects.

● Better personal growth and development.

● Creation of job opportunities.

● Prepare for every kind of situation in future.

● Helps in identifying problems easily.

● Can be self-employed and not dependent on others to provide a job.

● More creative and innovative.

● Contributes to the economy of the country.

● Creates opportunities using the latest technology.


● Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.

● People with an entrepreneurial mindset don’t wish to do jobs.


What Are the Benefits of Learning Entrepreneurial Skills in High School

Some of the most important benefits of learning entrepreneurial skills in high school are as follows.

1. Prepares Students for the Future

We are living in a time of extraordinary global and technological changes that happen almost every day. Students, today, face an uncertain future filled with complicated geopolitical, social, and environmental challenges.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055, creating entirely new positions, duties, and problems for the future workforce.

Thus, entrepreneurship programs provide students with important life skills that will aid them in navigating this unpredictable future.

Problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and learning to accept failure as a part of the learning process are among these qualities. Entrepreneurship helps students accept failures in a world full of uncertainty.

2. Enhances Creativity and Innovation

Learning entrepreneurial skills encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration. These qualities are highly valued by top universities and add weightage to a student’s career path.

Few schools like GIIS really value creativity, they indulge students in activities where they can learn and innovate new things. An out of the box thinking mindset is something that GIIS really promotes.

3. Helps Identify and Resolve Problems

In order to resolve a problem efficiently, students first need to identify the problem. While problem-solving has been a part of every school’s curriculum, problem identification is what needs to be focussed upon.

Learning entrepreneurial skills teaches children how to identify problems they’ve never seen before – a talent that will come in handy in the future.

Entrepreneurship enables students to become problem solvers in their various fields, resulting in self-improvement and increased skill levels.

4. Develops Courage and Strength

Angela Duckworth, researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, says in her bestselling book “Grit” that grades, intelligence, and socioeconomic status do not stack up to the characteristic she defines as “grit” or courage.

Courage comes with passion and sustained persistence applied toward long-term achievement. That’s the reason why entrepreneurship education is so important for students during their crucial years at school.

5. Contributes to the Development of Society

Entrepreneurs use their skills and knowledge to solve issues, meet needs, and alleviate pain points. They are hard-wired to make a difference and to improve the world.

Students who participate in entrepreneurial programs are not only prepared to construct their own futures, but also to alter the world.

6. Contributes to the Economy

Unemployment rose to new levels following the pandemic. Entrepreneurial skills teach students to be self-sufficient and not rely on others for their financial needs.

Thus, when students are not reliant on others for their financial necessities, they develop a feeling of responsibility and contribute to the advancement of the country, thereby aiding in the improvement of the country’s economy.

Leading Indian high schools, GIIS’ high school program allows different volunteers to play the roles of coaches and mentors.

Coaches assist classroom teachers in giving lessons and offering support in their specific subject areas, such as financial modeling or developing a value proposition.

Mentors guide the students through the course, providing direction, networking opportunities, and real-world support as the course progresses.

This entrepreneurship teaching team, combined with an evergreen, challenging curriculum, gives students a real, engaging learning experience.

It has been observed that students who face challenging problems to solve come up with creative and innovative solutions.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. GIIS – a renowned private school in Dubai – offers the best high school curriculum to make children aware of the global challenges that await them in the future.

The skills learned in entrepreneurship education will set children apart, while promoting creativity, teamwork, and confidence from a young age.

Learning entrepreneurial skills help children develop and iterate on a business idea and learn to recover from failures.

Mr. Antony Koshy

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