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10 Smart Learning Strategies For High School Academic Success

Ms. Jaya Ramesh
Mar 22, 2022
High School

Achieving success in high school is something that is critically important to students, for that impacts and determines the kind of college or university they will get admission to.

This is as true of Indian high school Dubai as it is of high school anywhere in the world.

With school fees being what they are, especially Dubai international school fees, high school students are quite anxious to achieve academic success.

This puts an inordinate amount of stress on them which often ends up adversely impacting how they fare in their all-important high school examination.

Given below are ten smart learning strategies for high school students to achieve high school academic success:

Smart Active Learning Strategies For Students

1. Deciding Upon The Right Time To Study

One cannot be studying at random times and hope to imbibe much.

It makes far better sense to draw out a schedule in a manner that allows a student to devote the right kind of time for deep study of the various subjects that form part of the syllabus.

Irrespective of how intelligent or brilliant a student is, taking a strategic approach to one’s studies is of prime importance if one is serious about faring well in the examination ahead.

2. Aligning Study Time With Goals

Every time one sets aside a few hours for studying one should align it with a specific goal.

If, for instance, one needs to brush up one’s knowledge of a certain section of one’s mathematics curriculum, one can set aside a time slot for that rather than taking it up randomly.

Similarly one could assign a different time slot for that part of the curriculum that one finds easy.

One could likewise denote more time to those parts of the curriculum that one finds more knotty. 

3. Sticking To One’s Schedule

Creating one’s schedule is the easy part. Sticking to it as often is not as easy as it may seem.

It is a human tendency to procrastinate and with so many distractions that come in a young person’s way, it is easy to go astray.

Disciplining one’s mind so as to not waver from one’s pre-determined schedule is, therefore, something that should be non-negotiable for any high school student.

That is something that an Indian high school student in Dubai would be equally well aware of.

As would be the students whose parents have paid the high fees of a Dubai international school.

4. Tackle The Difficult Subjects First

This is not something that has to be necessarily followed, but for most students, it is seen that tackling the difficult subject first makes better sense as it gives one more time to come to terms with it.

The easier ones can easily be taken up later.

Besides, if one is able to master the difficult subjects early on, it puts one in a better state of mind with regard to how confident one feels about one’s ability to do well.

5. Study In Group

Again this may not work for everyone, but studying in a group has its distinct advantages. One is able to clarify one’s doubts better by consulting with others.

Besides, the very act of teaching or instructing someone else reinforces one’s own knowledge of the subject matter in one’s mind.

If approached in the right manner and with serious participation by all group members, this can be a great way of preparing for the dreaded high school examination.

6. Identify An Appropriate Place To Study

The place one spends hours poring over one’s books and notes should be a quiet, comfortable, properly ventilated and well-lit one.

One should ideally sit on a chair that is ergonomically sound or at the very least comfortable to sit on for long hours.

Above all the place where one studies should be quiet and not prone to any kind of frequent disturbance.

7. Restrict Socializing

While it may be true that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, there comes a time in life when one needs to prioritize what is important in one's life.

Hanging out with friends every now and then and spending hours on social media is something that one needs to put an end to if one is really serious about doing well at one’s high school examination.

One does not, of course, have to become a hermit and shun the company of fellow human beings, but much more important to one’s studies is definitely what is required of high school students who hope to fare well academically.

8. Taking Time Out To Rest And Relax

Preparing for one’s high school examination can be both strenuous and mentally fatiguing. It makes sense to take some time off and destress once in a while.

Going for walks or listening to light music is something that one can certainly look at. One might even try out some meditation.

9. Getting Adequate Sleep

It's often tempting to compromise one’s sleep in order to study longer for one’s examination. While this is understandable, it is not advisable to follow that pattern.

One needs sleep to not only stay in good health to be able to take the examination in question, but also to stay fresh and alert during it.

Besides, a good night’s sleep helps rejuvenate and repair the brain and make one fresh for another day’s hard work of studying.

10. The Power Of Prayer

It may be a good idea to say a prayer every day, not to seek divine help in performing well in the examination, but to instill a feeling of calmness and composure in a person.

It is an acknowledged fact that saying a silent prayer helps unburden one’s mind and keep one fresh and focused.


One’s high school years are very important in life, as they decide one’s future course of action.

Faring well academically helps one move in the direction of fulfilling one’s career dreams and aspirations and for this reason, one may put excessive pressure on oneself.

The techniques of approaching one’s high school studies with equanimity  described above will help one rid oneself of that and instead focus on doing the right things that will help enhance one’s academic performance.

Some of the best Indian high schools in Dubai understand the predicament of students and they have inhouse counselors and psychologists to cater to the emotional needs of a student.

Many parents may also feel that just institutions may charge high Dubai International school fees, but you will be pleasantly surprised that there are top-notch institutions that provide affordable education to students from all walks of life.

Ms. Jaya Ramesh

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