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10 Reasons to Study the IB Diploma in High School

Ms. Jaya Ramesh
Nov 23, 2021
High School

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two-year academic program that fosters the students studying in IB schools in Dubai. The IBDP curriculum is relatively popular in Dubai for students falling in the age group between 16 and 19 years. Lately, more and more students are opting to study in IB Schools as it provides notable credentials to pursue higher education in reputed colleges and universities.

The students pursuing their studies in International Baccalaureate need to clear their examinations in six core subjects with good scores as a part of many prerequisites. Along with scoring well, the students need to possess exceptional analytical skills and logical reasoning abilities.

Global Indian International School is one of the best IB Schools in Dubai that follows a robust IBDP Curriculum for numerous reasons. Let us take you through the top 10 reasons why your child should pursue their education in International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in high school as stated below-

Higher Rate of Scholarships Opportunities

Students passing with exceptional academic scores in the IB board tend to have more scholarships opportunities than others. In fact, there are more chances of achieving the scholarships because the IB students are thoroughly prepared for all the scholarship requirements.

Enhanced Chances of Acceptance

IB Diploma holders have pretty good chances of being accepted in top universities and colleges. IBDP Curriculum prepares the students better, to pursue higher education with ease and enhances their chances of acceptance.

Wide Spectrum of Learning

IB Curriculum promotes multi-dimensional learning in children. It helps them identify their keen interests and passion for the subject they fancy and pursue their higher education and career in the respective field. With a huge scope of learning, IB schools are considered the best in Dubai.

Extensive Learning Aspects

IB Schools provide perspicacity of comprehensive subjects that encourage the liberty to learn the core subjects at basic as well as advanced levels. Students gain an in-depth understanding of the subject they study and hold expertise in that.

Introduction to a New Language

IB Schools in Dubai peculiarly emphasizes learning a foreign language as a part of their culture. It promotes exposure to international culture and interaction with students coming from diversified backgrounds. Global divulgence helps students become more confident and build strong personalities.

Explore Cultural Studies

IBDP Curriculum introduces the language and cultural studies that help a student develop a robust personality. It helps to build great confidence and excellent communication skills which are highly beneficial when they pursue their higher education abroad. The process of interviews during campus placements becomes easier for them.

Promote Analytical Skills

Students pursuing their studies in the IBDP curriculum can easily adapt their analytical and reasoning skills with a better understanding of the subject. It promotes their ability to learn more at a faster pace. IBDP helps the children to be independent and smart not only in studies but in real-life situations as well.

Pursue IBDP at all GIIS Campuses

IBDP curriculum is widely followed by Global Indian International Schools across the world. The students with migrating families can pursue their studies in any part of the campus without changing their board. 

Build Global Community

Students pursuing the IBDP curriculum get to interact with international students across the globe at one campus. It helps them build a stunning global community that enhances their level of education and chances of better career opportunities at the global level.

International Recognition

IBDP curriculum helps students to gain international recognition and enhances their chances of getting into the best international colleges post their school education.

Besides, a student starts to possess the following qualities while pursuing their education through IB.

● Leadership Qualities- Studying in IB gains an immense amount of confidence at the international level. This eventually makes them good leaders and teaches them to lead by example.

● Risk-taking Abilities- Talk of approaching uncertainties and IB students would be the first to face them without any hurdle. The ideas of exploring new strategies, ideologies, and independence make them more expressive and stable enough to defend their beliefs.

● Knowledgeable- IB students develop the ability to explore new concepts that have global significance. The in-depth understanding of a wide array of disciplines helps them gain quality exposure.

● Liberal- The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program helps the children to learn core values, traditions, and perceptions of different cultures with an open mind. The students grow a liberal mindset that sets them apart from other students.

● Principles- IBDP Curriculum students grow up as individuals with high principles, integrity, and honesty. They hold their values uptight and have a sense of responsibility and respect towards everything in life.

● Ingenuity- IP Diploma students are highly creative and imaginative when it comes to surviving through everyday problems. Their ingenuity skills speak for themselves.

Global Indian International School in Dubai has a lot to offer to its students other than just academics, with interests in music, dance, art, theatre, digital art, reading, cooking, and much more. There is a separate literary and activity group for each activity like Kalidas Theatre Group, Enactment Club, GIIS Chef, Art Club, Jhankar Club, Intach Club, etc.

GIIS has successfully earned the trust of many parents with its idiosyncratic media coverage, podcasts, and testimonials. The IB curriculum incorporates the teachings of leadership, sportsmanship, creativity, and discipline in all the students. Hence, if you are looking for the best IB School in Dubai, enroll your child in Global Indian International School now.

Ms. Jaya Ramesh

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